The 2010 AUHD Intro Video Collection

Over the past few years, starting in 2004, the intro videos that are played before each Auburn football game have been the center of much debate. The fan-base is usually split down the middle on the song choice, sometimes even prompting boos and email petitions to get songs from previous years used.

I’d say most of this year’s videos are pretty strong. Tiger Walk is a great song and the video has some pretty good highlights. The Band Intro makes the student section forget that they make fun of band members daily. The Tunnel Video whose music was selected by fan vote is decent. I don’t love the song, especially with it’s lyrics like “Got money on mind, I can’t never get enough”, but it’s a good pump-up song. My favorite is the Kickoff Video that plays once the teams are out on the field. It shows a Pat Dye quote and plays the standard intense classical music that all sports hype videos should use.

Anyway, here are all of the videos in their entirety. I think it’s pretty obvious that the A96 Productions collection is much better, but I’m a little biased. As always, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.

Tiger Walk (T-Will):

Band Intro:

Tunnel Video:

Kickoff Video: