The 2011 AUHD Intro Video Collection

You’ll remember from last year that the AUHD tunnel video (played when the team was waiting in or about to be in the tunnel) used ‘All I Do is Win” and was the crowd pumper-upper. Once the team was on the field, another video was played that used a symphonic instrumental from the movie Inception.

This year the concepts were somewhat reversed. The tunnel video used symphonic music (also from Inception) and the pre-kickoff video used “Vox Populi” from the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

So basically, last year we got pumped, then we got chillbumps. This year we get chillbumps, then we get pumped. I like that order better.

…and now I’ve written three paragraphs on the order of, and song choices for the introduction videos at an Auburn football game. But I love this stuff, seriously. Watch them below.

Tunnel Video (Game 1 Edition):

Kickoff Video:

Band Video: