The 2014 Football Intro Video Collection

Gone are the days of AUHD, which apparently means gone are the days of the traditional “tunnel video” that usually contained chart-topping, heart-pumping, chillbump-inducing hits such as “All I Do is Win” and “Light ’em Up” or whatever it’s called.

The new video production group is called WarEagle Productions and was created to coincide with the SEC Network. So yeah, the videos this year are a tad different, at least what used to be called the “tunnel video” is. This year’s version is ripe with an orchestral arrangement played alongside plenty of nice plays from the previous season. I need a song, honestly.

The “inspiration video” has stayed true to form with its heavy emphasis on the bigger plays in Auburn history set to orchestral music as usual. Watching the beginning of it (the clock countdown to 0:01) in the stadium was pretty awesome. But it also led me to wonder how deep into the 2014 season are we still going to be harping on one second. Yes, it’s a play that will live forever, but do we really want to be all about the Kick Six a few minutes before we play South Carolina in October?

Finally, the band video was made by one of the guys who used to make the original videos with AUHD and it’s awesome as always.

So, what do you think about this year’s crop? It’s tough to top last year’s and 2010’s set, but as I’ve stated before, we seem to like the video more when it’s tied to a winning season.