Georgia Begs Auburn Fans to be #DawgForADay

BARNING HARD here. Yes, that BARNING HARD. I have been awakened by the antics of one of the teams featured in the SEC Championship game this Saturday in Atlanta.

Have you ever had a pet dog that just seemed, um, “friendly” with everything it encountered? Whether it be a pillow, a blanket, or even your leg, you could never stop it from seeking attention in the most lustful way?

Well, don’t look now, because that’s exactly what the University of Georgia Alumni Association is doing. They are loving on everybody.

It started off somewhat harmless enough:

Coach Muschamp has a history with UGA. He graduated from there in 1994 with a bachelor’s degree. No harm there. The Alumni decided to play an easy card with the next tweet by asking for support from the University of Alabama’s “real” rival. Yawn.

That seems smart. I would’ve done it. You might not have, but hey, I’m BARNING HARD, so you have to hit below the belt sometimes. It just gets weird after this tweet though.

I’m sorry, what? You use a 1997 Tim Couch reference? Really? You couldn’t even compliment the great season Kentucky achieved? Maybe you guys should look toward a team that has competed with Alabama recently for support..

Oh no, we all remember the 2014 SEC Championship game and for all the wrong reasons. Why bring Missouri into this? They played Alabama this year, and I’m sure they’d like nothing more than to forget about it, but now you’ve reminded them about getting skull drug. Good job, Dawgs.

Okay, I feel dirty. I need a shower after reading this, and you bring Tebow into it? I am definitely going to say a prayer for Georgia tonight. Not for Saturday’s game, but for bringing one of your rival’s most decorated and respected players of all time into your attention seeking ploy.

How dare you bring Vanderbilt’s baseball program into this? Am I surprised? Nope, but I digress… The list goes on and on: LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State were all treated with tweets filled with begging antics to take down big, bad Bama. Surely they wouldn’t ask their most hated rival…

No you didn’t?!? Wait, you did?!?

This tweet made me madder than Georgia fans were in 2010 after all of those completely legal hits Nick Fairley put on Georgia QB Aaron Murray. Don’t bring that to the table. We don’t like you. We don’t like Bama. If it was up to us, both of you would lose, but since that can not happen:

Bama by 100.

Hump that.