I Don’t Hate Everything About This New Iron Bowl Song

I usually hate sports-themed songs. It doesn’t matter how well the music is arranged or how well the person can sing, it always comes off cheesy. Today I was made aware (by Bammer and al.com podcast buddy @MattScalici) of a new song by Walker Hayes that focuses on the Iron Bowl. It is an unbiased pop/rap song that focuses on the importance of the Iron Bowl to the state of Alabama, while showing the differences in the two fanbases.

Given my usual quick hate for songs like this, I can’t say I absolutely hate this one. It sounds exactly like every guilty pleasure radio pop song you’ve ever heard. So while it’s easy to throw it under the bus because it’s the cool thing to do, it’s really not THAT bad, and not near as bad as others. Sure, I’ll never fully accept it because it says R— T— R— throughout the whole thing, but the second verse is on point. What do you think?