Cam Received a Singing Telegram in Class Today

Today, while working towards his degree in a Haley Center classroom, Cam Newton saw the door open in front of him. Two girls, with love in their eyes, and one dude holding an acoustic guitar, strolled in and began serenading Cam with “My Girl (Guy)” as part of a Valentine’s Day singing telegram. Just after, he was presented with a card asking to marry one of the ladies. Cam then claimed he already had a valentine. Yeah, me.

Update: the girls/guy were actually delivering a message for @rachelgilmore3, who simply wants Cam to be her date to her sorority’s formal. She’s waiting, Cam.

Here is the video account of this story, with a few pictures below:

Another smaller, but longer cellphone video can be seen here. If you have any other visual or verbal accounts of this story, let me know.

Pictures from @rachelgilmore3 and @marleighriddle.

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