“Auburn Arise” Teaser (2012 Preview from A96)

After taking the entire 2011 season off (and let’s be honest, we all sort of did), the man, the myth, the legend, A96 (or autiger96) returns to give you a heart-pumping, chillbump-inducing preview of your 2012 Auburn Tigers.

You only get a little tease today, but the full version named “Auburn Arise” will be released next Tuesday, August 14. Enjoy this taste for now. If it excites you, the full version will make your head explode. Believe me.

I also need to clear up some confusion that I’ve noticed on Twitter as I’ve pumped this thing. This is not the video that will play before kickoffs. Those are produced by AUHD. This video is simply a masterpiece from a fan with an incredible video editing talent.

Remember, you can view every one of his works, dating back to 2005, over at A96Productions.com. Oh, and don’t steal the videos and put them on YouTube. That only increases the chance of A96 giving up on humanity and going into hiding again. It also makes it more likely to be taken down by the video nazis. Just enjoy inside the friendly confines of the ‘Blogle and A96 Productions. You’ll be safe here.