Reuben Foster Switches His Commitment to Auburn

Reuben Foster, the nation’s #1 linebacker prospect (5-star) for the 2013 class, has de-committed from Alabama and committed to the Auburn Tigers. The switch has been hinted at for weeks now, and today Foster made it official in an announcement at Auburn High School. However, pardon me if I don’t go out and eat a huge Reuben sandwich (they are nasty anyway) because there is plenty of time left before National Signing Day, and if he can de-commit once, he can do it again. Not to put a damper on the whole situation, but that’s how it is.

I seem to remember another high profile linebacker switching from the Tide to the Tigers, then being sequestered by some strange high school pseudo-booster before Signing Day when he chose the Tide. I can’t remember his name, but I think his dad was named after Chilton County or something. Either way, the guy is an absolute beast, and for now he’s Auburn’s. Hopefully he’ll stay that way.

Check out these highlights from his junior year. It’s like the quarterbacks go all stupid when they see him coming. There are a few highlights of him at running back, but he’ll play linebacker in college (another parallel to the aforementioned linebacker that went to Alabama).

There’s a small side story to all of this. Foster’s best friend from middle school, Tray Matthews (4-star safety), is currently committed to Georgia. In the past few weeks, Foster and Matthews made a pact to play at the same college. It is rumored that Matthews has liked Auburn for a while now given his frequent trips to the Plains. Is Matthews the next to switch? We’ll see.