The Night Auburn Hosed Off the Dawgs

I’ve often heard about the time that Georgia fans rushed the field at Jordan-Hare following a big win back in the 1980’s, only to be soaked by sprinklers manned by the grounds crew, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually saw how it went down. In a random YouTube search, I found the entire 1986 game between Auburn and Georgia, and without knowing that it was the game with the famed postgame “hosing,” I skipped to the end to see who won. I was four. I didn’t remember.

With a minute a left, Auburn quarterback Jeff Burger threw an interception in a list ditch effort to get the win. The Bulldogs ended up winning 20-16, sending what looks to be the entire Georgia fanbase that was in attendance onto the field.

The video below starts during Vince Dooley’s postgame interview with a much younger Tim Brando, of ESPN at the time. Watch the crowd of Georgia fans grow and grow behind him until Brando releases Dooley for the locker room. You’ll then hear the deflated Auburn crowd cheer as the sprinklers are turned on the Georgia fans. These weren’t your dad’s sprinklers from your back yard, either. These were like fire hoses from every corner of the field.

It should stand out to you that the on-field celebration seems to go on for minutes after the clock hit zero. Where were the cops? Where were the guys in the yellow jackets that line the field just before the beginning of the 4th quarter of today’s games? Times sure have changed. This is like watching something from another world. Oh, and the ripping up of the logo is especially infuriating. Take a piece of hedge the next time you’re in Athens.