From the Other Sideline – LSU (Summer Editon)

I decided to bring in a new face for this week’s “Other Sideline.” I can only take so much of one cajun at a time. Robert Hopkins (@LSUSDS) is the writer for Saturday Down South’s Calling Baton Rouge. He is a lifelong LSU fan and is a healthy contributor to the over the top fanaticism that is SEC football. He hails from New Orleans and for him, every Saturday in the fall is a mini Mardi Gras. No matter where he ends up. Oh, and you’re probably going to hate him.

1. Seriously? No points? 21-0? Do you know what you’ve done to the smart half of the State of Alabama?

Is this a trick question?  Smart half of Alabama?  No such thing.  As for no points in the BCS, maybe we limited out after hitting that other half of Alabama for 45 in October.

2. More hated: Jordan Jefferson, Gerry DiNardo, or Nick Saban?

Let’s see…Hate is such a strong word.  DiNardo brought the magic back and was 3-2 against the War Tiger Plainsmen. Saban built a foundation off of DiNardo’s cornerstone and went 2-3 against the Tigles.  Jefferson, even though he couldn’t complete a forward pass in his last game, still managed to go 2-1 against the Pligers.  You complete the dots on that one.

3. Back to real football. Is QB Zach Mettenberger really going to be as good as everybody thinks? Does he have the chest to please Les Miles?

Mettenberger is as good as advertised.  Remember, he beat out Aaron Murray as Georgia’s starter before he started clubbing in Athens.  That is the same Aaron Murray who tossed 4 TDs against Auburn in a 45-7 thrashing last November. 

Wow, did ya’ll know the Plainsmen gave up 30 or more points SIX times last year?

Back to Mett.  He has the talent and moxie to please Miles, but that talent could cause some chest pains for Les as well.  Every time the Bayou Gunslinger tosses a TD or has a moment of brilliance, it will beg the question…Why did he not play in the championship game?

4. And about Les… does he have the full support of the fan base? I know most of y’all practice voodoo, but even the most hardcore warlocks have to see that he ain’t all there…

Better watch that talk about Voodoo or the Loup Garou will be after you. 

In regards to our savant ball coach, he obliterated all the positives of orchestrating one of the most impressive college football seasons ever by laying a humongous egg in the championship game.  A 13-1 coach shouldn’t have to prove himself, but that is the corner Les has painted himself into.  Miles has two things to do next year to keep the grumblings away…beat Bama in November as soundly as he lost to them in January and win the BCS trophy. 

Kind of fitting, the wackiest way to determine college football’s champion being won in its final year by the game’s most off the wall coach. 

And all that talk about his mental faculties, remember he is 5-2 against Bama’s little sister. 

5. Who are two Auburn Tigers that scare you? Yes, you have to say at least two.

Bo Jackson and Cam Newton.

6. Who are two new LSU Tigers that should scare Auburn fans?

Ronnie Feist and Jeremy Hill. 

Feist is screaming up the depth chart at LB and seems to be ready for SEC play.  The coaches are really high on him and he could be one of the next great defensive players for LSU. 

Hill is a new head to the RB Hydra Les is growing in Baton Rouge.  Remember those guys from last year.  It was almost as if the Auburn players were jumping out the way.

7. Where does Jordan-Hare rank on your scale of totally awesome stadiums?

Well it’s not Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night and it’s located in Alabama, so that’s two strikes.  Actually, I will be making my first visit to Jordan-Hare this September and I will reserve judgment until then.  I will say this; at least you can’t buy fifteen tickets together in the school’s alumni section. Right Ole Miss?

8. What will happen in this year’s game? Score prediction?

34-7 LSU.  The Tigers are still picking Auburn’s defense out of their cleats from last year.  They will run over them again this year.  The Bayou Bengal’s offensive line is better, over 2500 yards rushing return with even more weapons and the defense could very well be nastier.  That and a chip on their shoulder the size of Alabama could make things really ugly for LSU opponents next year.  

9. Where will LSU and Auburn end up this year?  

LSU will end up in Miami.  Auburn will end up in Shreveport.

10. Lastly, what is your favorite Auburn-LSU game of all time… that LSU didn’t win?

1994.  The Interception Game.  LSU was leading #11 Auburn 23-9 going into the fourth quarter. The LSU QB, Jamie Howard, then forgot which Tigers he was playing for and threw FIVE picks.  Three were returned for touchdowns and LSU lost 30-26.  That could possibly be the craziest fifteen minutes of football that I have witnessed.