Ranking the SEC (after Week 11)

For the first time since starting the poll after Week 8, there are some major moves in the rankings. And as you would expect, they aren’t moves that I am happy to make, but they have to be done.

1. LSU – The Purple Tigers didn’t look too impressive in the first half of their win against Western Kentucky, but does it really matter? They are the best team, somehow, in the SEC.

2. Alabama – Alabama looked less-than-stellar in their win over Mississippi State, but a field goal was made, so there’s that. They’ll stay here unless LSU loses or Auburn beats them.

3. Arkansas – Arkansas beat Tennessee and actually looked pretty dominant while doing so. They have a shot at beating LSU in two weeks, but will stay here even if they don’t.

4. Georgia – Ok, I guess I have to move the Bulldogs up, don’t I? I really don’t think Georgia is that awesome. That’s not sour grapes. I’m not trying to take anything away from them. They played a nearly perfect game, and Auburn played just the opposite. If you look at the Dawgs’ entire resume, it’s still pretty unimpressive.

5. Auburn – The Tigers beat South Carolina and three other teams below them, so that’s why they are here.

6. South Carolina – I’m dropping South Carolina because they probably should have lost to Florida, who is not playing very well right now. And let’s face it, the Gamecocks, like Georgia, have benefited from a weak East and an overall easy schedule. They’d be 5th in the West at best.

7. Florida – We knew that it was going to be a tough year for Florida, but I don’t think anybody thought it would be this tough. Next year’s quarterback race will be just as open as Auburn’s.

8. Vanderbilt – The Commodores whipped Kentucky and are one win away from being bowl eligible, yet they are still near the bottom third of the SEC. Such is life at Vandy.

9. Mississippi StateApparently they are still playing football in Starkville. The Bulldogs didn’t look too bad against Alabama, and actually threatened to make it interesting for most of the game. But once again Mullen got in his own way and gave the home crowd more reason to love his huge portrait on the side of the stadium.

10. Tennessee – I know the Vols have tons of injuries, but they just aren’t showing any improvement, so with much regret I had to drop them below the hapless Bulldogs. Maybe next year…

11. Kentucky – The Wildcats were beaten 38-8 by Vanderbilt. That’s actually a worse beating to the Commodores than Ole Miss took, but…

12. Ole Miss – …the Rebel Black Bears lost to Louisiana Tech…by 20.