Alabama Fans Plan to Eat Toomer’s Corner

In this complete rip off of Epic Meal Time, a few Bama fans (appear to be students) whip up a few greasy treats for their game with the Gators this weekend. I will not mention the fact that they are gobbling up food items that they call “Saban Sausages” and “Namath Nuggets.” I just won’t. It’s not in my blood to talk about an opposing team’s fans putting items named after man-parts in their mouth. So I just won’t mention it.

I’m not sure if they plan on this being a series, but at the end of the “episode” they claim that they will eat Toomer’s Corner next. That should be interesting. I guess we’ll finally find out what Spike 80DF does to the human body. Can they get Harvey to be their taste-tester?

Enjoy… or actually, try not to throw up.