Hate Auburn’s Smaller Names on Jerseys? Blame Lutzie.

Ok, that title might be a little harsh (Lutzenkirchen can’t help that “Touchdown Maker” translates to such a long word in German), but the reason for what has no doubt been the biggest complaint that I’ve heard about Auburn’s minor uniform tweaks can be blamed for the amount of space Lutzie’s name takes up.

I warned you about the smaller names on the back of the jerseys a few weeks ago, but it seems that you just needed to see them in person or from multiple angles on TV to see just how much you hate them. I don’t disagree with you. It looks like a little kid’s jersey or something from a video game. It just doesn’t look right and is hard to read.

Like the fabric and overall style changes made by Under Armour that caused the now pointed pants stripe, it appears the same type of changes limit the amount of space for the last names.

Take a look at the back Michael Dyer’s jersey up there. You’ll see the patch of fabric that contains his last name. You’ll also notice that the top corners of the fabric butt up against some different or extra piece of fabric between the back of the jersey and the shoulder/sleeve. This extra piece of fabric is apparently part of Under Armour’s new design that made their uniforms more stretchy and cut the weight by 20%.

Note: You may also notice that the new little piece of fabric has pretty much made the stripes on Auburn’s sleeves nothing more than a little patch.

Now take a look at Lutzenkirchen’s name on the name plate. It takes up the whole thing. The “L” and “N” are right next to the seam that connects the aforementioned extra piece of fabric, meaning that’s as far as names can go. So what probably happened was Under Armour took the longest name on the team, made it fit, and then was stuck with the smaller font for the rest of the names.

Just for reference, here’s how the names looked last year, and as far as I can remember, have always looked. Quite a difference.

Oh well, this has nothing to do with the fact that Auburn must win a football game this week, but I’ll stop doing these uniform blogles when they stop being the most viewed posts on the site.