A Few Captions from Alabama’s Fan Day

Each year at Alabama’s Fan Day, the best of the bunch show up and show us just how important the signatures of college football players mean to them. The pictures get better and better each year, although nothing will ever top this.

I’ve added captions to each picture that to the best of my knowledge were exactly what was said as they were being taken. Feel free to add yours in the comments section below.

Can I please touch your hand? Is this the one that signed all those jerseys?

Had to leave the wife and kid at home this year. Junior kept slowing us down.

Me and diddy made a ball out of wood. Took us like three hours.

That feels good, coach. Real good.

This line better get to moving. Those crops ain’t gon’ dust themselves.

Note: I will not make fun of this kid, but his parents need to be put in jail.

All pictures are from the Birmingham News. There are a few more over at al.com.