It’s Just One Crazy…

We were told that Harvey Updyke, Jr. was “just one crazy fan that doesn’t represent the entire fanbase.” Well, we know that isn’t true and here is proof of at least one more.

WARNING: There is a little bit of language in this video of “MegaSkeet420” and his interview with Most are bleeped out, but a few dirty words slip through. I just wouldn’t watch it in front of your kids or your parents.

The piece is obviously a joke, but I’m not sure if Mr. Skeet420 knows that. Obviously some lines are scripted, but if you’ve seen any of his videos on YouTube (which I will not link to because they are not censored), then you know this guy believes every word he is saying.

I’ll stop posting stuff like this when they stop acting like that.

Link to video ganked from Cousin Blogle’s Twitter account.