The State of Alabama vs. Harvey Updyke, Jr. Case File

Early this morning, a ‘Blogle friend within the legal community sent me the case file for The State of Alabama vs. Harvey Updyke, Jr., but I wanted to make absolutely sure it was okay to post before I did. I have now been told that it is public record, so I’m posting it, without any uber-personal info showing. Don’t worry, you didn’t need to know his SSN anyway, but finding out this guy makes $1600 a month from Social Security has to make you feel good.

There isn’t much more in this file than what you already know, but it’s cool to see. However, I have learned that the lawyer that was appointed to defend Updyke, Philip Tyler, has since said “no way I’m defending this guy”, or something to that effect. Go ahead and have a look…feel all professional-like.