Thayer Evans Sneaks a Peek

Following the BCS National Championship game, there were many pictures tweeted of everybody’s favorite yellow journalist and his head-turned scowl as he popped up behind Cam in the post game interview. I’m sorry, the pictures don’t do it justice. You have to see that little snotty piece of you-know-what in action. Many of you have probably watched this over and over on your DVR (I ripped this from mine), but I’m sure you won’t mind watching it again.

Watch how he pops up over Gene’s shoulder during the interview and has that look of “I know if he saw me, he’d probably kill me, but I’m gonna slide in over here anyway”. Once Cam shows on the screen, watch how antsy Thayer gets. It must be a real burden to have your own douchey-ness put yourself in the position to stand three feet from the person you’ve been bashing from behind a computer screen for the last few months, let alone a guy who could actually eat you.

My absolute favorite moment is when he puts his $10 RadioShack voice recorder near Cam’s hip as he’s being interviewed. Maybe he’s going to try to get some sounds from Cam’s stomach and see if he can determine if he was eating illegal mexican food the night before. Nah, that’s a stretch. We know he was just trying to get the latest quote that he could turn around and use against Auburn and Cam Newton. I’m sure we’ll see “It’s a God thing” turned into “It’s a God thing. I am everyone’s God and you should all worship me” or something like that.