Oregon Wins the Buzz, Auburn Wins the War

According to a Webtrends report on the Twitter buzz just before, during, and after the BCS National Championship game, the Ducks (#goducks) just eeked out the Tigers (#wareagle) in usage of team-related hashtags. However, as expected, the momentum of the tweets shifted with the momentum of the game.

Webtrends is an Oregon based company, so I’m tempted to call shenanigans, but I have noticed the need for more “wareagle” hashtags in the Twitter-sphere. Imagine someone from 3 years ago or someone over the age of 45 reading that last sentence. Full on brain-meltage.

Below is a graph showing the trends, and a here’s a blog from Webtrends explaining the report in more detail.

If you’re new to Twitter, or still haven’t jumped the train, hashtags are used to describe what you just Tweeted about, or to add a bit of information that you couldn’t fit into the tweet. So basically all this means is that more Duck fans used #goducks in their tweets than Auburn fans used #wareagle in their tweets. It doesn’t necessarily mean more Ducks were tweeting about the game than Tigers. Ok, now my brain is about to melt. Anyway, they can have their hashtag win. I’ll take our National Championship over that any day.