War Damn Halloween

Update: I added video from Auburn Football: Every Day.

Ladies (and some gentleman), it is your lucky day. Usually, Halloween is the only night of the year where girls dress as slutty as possible and it is totally accepted in society. Well tonight, thanks to a football team Halloween costume contest, Cam Newton and some of his cohorts decided that slutty costumes weren’t just for girls anymore, at least not when an iPad was up for grabs.

Around a dozen or so of the guys participated, as you will see below in photo and video format, with Mario taking the top spot. The finalists and winners were selected by the coaches’ wives. Enjoy.

Cam Newton and Clint Moseley sex it up.

Thanks to @TZAC81AU and @YoungMikeB66 for the pics.

This video is thanks to KDub5Star:

More video from Auburn Athletics:

By the way, you would have seen these pictures hours ago, if you were following me on Twitter. Oh, and it’s a good thing Baby ‘Blogle wasn’t in the contest or I’d be playing with my new iPad right now. Notice that he knows what number Auburn should be. WDElmo.