Nova’s Dive Bomb Caption Contest

If you were at the game last weekend, you surely heard the shreiks of fear and jubilation coming from the press-box side of the stadium as Nova, one of Auburn’s eagles, came very close to snatching up a human during her pregame flight. I’ve always thought Nova was the rogue of the bunch. Her flights are shorter than Spirit’s, Auburn’s bald eagle, and she always seems to just do what she wants. This was the case like never before during last week’s pregame festivities. However, the near-mishap has brought us one of the funniest pictures I have ever seen, which brings me to the point of this post.

Last night, as Beautiful ‘Blogle and I were looking at this picture, we started coming up with what each person in the picture was saying during the attack. A few minutes in, we were laughing so hard that our heads hurt, so I decided to come up with a little contest based off of that.

You will below see that I have given a few of the fans/victims a number. What I want you to do is post a caption in the comments section for one or two or all of the numbers. It could look something like this:

1. “What the…”

8. “Lawd Jesus, help me…”

I’ll pick the top five later this week, and then let the readers vote for the best one. The winner will receive the “First Time Ever” DVD.

Don’t hold back. Your mama doesn’t read this blog. Oh, and don’t send your captions in an email or anything. I am only choosing from the comments section. If you have are having trouble registering to post yours, send me an email and I’ll get you signed up.

Have fun and be creative.