Turner Gill Announcement Today?

**Update #2** – My source of a source has informed the Blogle that Tulsa’s Todd Graham is the last interview that Auburn will hold before announcing Gill as the head coach in the next day or so…again, a source of source told me this and I’m just telling you.

**Update** – Obviously 4pm has passed and no announcement. My source now tells me that his sources say that Auburn’s mind is made up, however they will continue hold interviews as a formality. Once the interviews are over, the announcement will be made. The reason it was given a 4pm time slot is that the source of the source assumed that interviews would be wrapped up by that time.

**Note** – For all of you that are bashing and be hating on me, I clearly stated a disclaimer (seen just below) stating that this is all ‘source of a source’ stuff and that I myself would even disregard a sentence beginning the way I began the post. I was just posting what I had heard from someone who has seldom to never been wrong on insider Auburn news.

I usually disregard any sentence that begins the way I’m about to begin this next one so take it for all it’s worth.

I have a source who has sources INSIDE the Auburn Athletic Department that believe it to be a very good chance that Turner Gill will be announced as Auburn’s next Head Football Coach. The announcement is believed to occur around 4pm CST.

Again, this is a source of a source, but in case it is true, I wanted to be the first. If this is true, I’m about 98% happy with the selection. Plus, with a name like Turner Gill, the transition should be easy. Tuberville –> Turner Gill…get it?