Ramsey Wants Out? Auburn/Arky Gets Gametime

Auburn offensive lineman Chaz Ramsey asked for and has received his release from the football team, but may remain at Auburn and return to the team says AuburnSports.com.

Ramsey started ten games as a true freshman last year, but had back surgery during the offseason and has not been with the team this fall. He is still in enrolled at Auburn, but has the option to transfer.

I’m not really sure why he would want to leave. I think he would pretty much be offered the starting job next year once he’s healthy. Maybe it was the “fans” booing the team they claim to pull for and that like to act like they could play, coach, or recruit any better. Oh, and I’m sure all those recruits attending the game would love to come to a place where the fans will boo them.

On a positive note, the Arkansas game is slated for 4pm CDT next week. That means no TV, but possibly pay-per-view. It also means no 11:30 game which I’m always happy to hear. Especially against Arkansas (see 2006).

You think you could cheer for the team that you pull for this week “fans”? And yes that means every player, especially the one who threw a perfect touchdown pass two quarters before, something his backup still hasn’t done. Certain player right, certain player left obviously doesn’t work every play, and that’s all that certain player seems to be able to do right now. I despise you fans for making me have to seem to choose sides, but that’s what you do when you chant names and boo others. Sorry I needed to say that.