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How to get these on your iPhone:
1. Go to on your iPhone.
2. Find the wallpaper you like and click on it. A larger version of the image will come up.
3. Hold down on the image until “Save Image” pops up. Click that.
4. Go into your iPhone photos, and find the newly saved wallpaper.
5. Click the arrow on the bottom left of the screen. A few options will come up.
6. Click “Use as Wallpaper,” then “Set.”
7. Click “Set Lock Screen” if you only want it to show on your lock screen.
8. Click “Set Home Screen” if you only want it to show as the background behind your apps.
9. Click “Both” if you, well if you don’t know what that means, hit yourself with a hammer.
10. Enjoy and share with others.

Note: these images are sized to fit an iPhone, but should work with Android phones and other devices.

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  1. ke4sfq
    ke4sfq at · Reply

    These are great!! Thanks.

  2. europeanne
    europeanne at · Reply

    Very cool. Thanks!

  3. crashmattb
    crashmattb at · Reply

    Oh good Lord. AU wallpaper sweetness! Thanks for posting.

  4. Spencer
    Spencer at · Reply

    I love the pictures! But can we get some iPhone 4 resolution pictures so it’ll look better on the higher resolution devices?

    But I love the pictures!

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  6. wareagle182
    wareagle182 at · Reply

    Thanks for the pictures.

  7. Bonnie Blackwell
    Bonnie Blackwell at · Reply

    I have an iPhone 3GS. How do I get these images as wallpaper on my phone? Help!!

    1. AUZoom
      AUZoom at · Reply

      Visit this page from Safari on your iPhone and then hold your finger on the image you want. It will prompt you to save it. Save it on your phone. Navigate to it in your Photos app and touch the icon with the swooping arrow in the bottom left. Select the option to “Use As Wallpaper”. Select the option you want and off you go…

  8. Autiger
    Autiger at · Reply


  9. WarEagleDG
    WarEagleDG at · Reply

    Those are absolutely AUsome!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Crodman
    Crodman at · Reply

    How do I get it to work on my iPad? When I click the image it doesn’t give me a save as option…

    1. Crodman
      Crodman at · Reply

      Figured it out… As soon as it starts to pull up, go ahead and have your finger pressed down on it, then you’ll get a save as option!

  11. Royal
    Royal at · Reply

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  12. wallpapers for phones
    wallpapers for phones at · Reply

    Awesome collection of apple iphone wall papers! Pertaining to fantastic ipad experience

  13. Brittney Hollis
    Brittney Hollis at · Reply

    How do I save them on my Galaxy s6 active

  14. im4au
    im4au at · Reply

    Works great on Android as well and the process to use them is similar to iPhone. Press and hold the image and Android will offer every app that stores photos as a place to store the wallpaper image (Gallery, Google Photos, Amazon, etc.) – your choice doesn’t matter, but remember it for later. Open “Settings” on the main screen and choose “Display”. Selecting “Wallpaper” on the drop down list will open a menu asking where the new wallpaper is stored. Choose the selection you made earlier in the process and it will show the images stored in that location. After you select the image you want the same options as shown for iPhone will be offered.

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