Why Canty "left" AU…

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I don’t normally post on message boards, but I feel like this should be shared…

I have it from pretty credible sources that Canty did not leave Auburn just to enter the NBA Draft, but for much more serious reasons.

He was suspended for two games following a confrontation with Stephen Pearl during the LSU game, which is why he did not play the final minutes in the game. Multiple people saw him yell at Stephen Pearl to “F— off.” Others say he insinuated that Stephen only had his job because of his father.

But while serving his two game suspension, Canty allegedly assaulted a female student. His suspension was then changed to indefinite while details were gathered. The details ended up being video evidence from an Auburn parking deck.

At some point while the details were being gathered, Canty was confronted by TJ Dunans who “questioned” Canty about this alleged assault. Canty supposedly pulled a knife on Dunans during this confrontation. Dunans made reference to this confrontation on Snapchat, which is obviously gone now.

After this confrontation, Auburn removed Canty from the basketball team and campus.

It’s sad, but it is what it is.