The Official Barn Gameday Thread: Clemson

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    Waaaaaar Eaaaaaagle!

    back with the Official Gameday Thread for the Clemson game!


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    I like how we’re supposed to be impressed by touching a rock and running down a hill. Auburn has a friggin Eagle fly over the field


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    There they are! The most beautiful uniforms in sports


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    NCM with a huge catch for a first down. He looks so big.


    Gotta get Kam Pettway going


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    Auburn’s receivers look so big. NCM and Kyle Davis both look jacked.


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    Still a successful drive. D.C. Converts a short field goal on the left hash.

    I would have loved to see them punch it in, but give credit to Clemson’s d-line for penetrating and causing problems


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    Apparently the tackle box is bigger than I originally thought


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    That defense thoooooooooo


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    Great first quarter, especially for the defense.


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    Need to punch the ball in the end zone. 6-0 auburn


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    Trading punts and a missed field goal. Playing the field position game.


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    Auburn’s secondary is being torched on this drive.


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    Clemson up 7-6. Lets see if Auburn tries to make something happen before halftime. Clemson receives second half kick


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    I’m ready for this second half to start


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    frustrating games are frustrating


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    This is badddddd


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    open up the offense!!!


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    Malzahn is getting frustrated on the sideline. I can see why


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    I’m already tired of Baylor’s sloppy seconds. Kid is terrible.

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      Offense needs to figure something out. You can’t win games without touchdowns


      i don’t think it’d be much better with White


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        It appears that we, yet again, have a mediocre football team with over hyped coaches that will underperform to no ones surprise, except Blogle.

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          This defense is mediocre?


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          Defense doesn’t matter when we have a QB dumber than Forrest Gump. Look left kid!

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    Clemson’s defensive line is crazy


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    Also, not the best play call on 4th


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    Defense is still stepping up big.


    Finally a punt that isn’t downed inside the 20


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    Defense forces another punt.


    Chip Lindsey needs to earn his paycheck


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    3 Quarters. No touchdowns.


    I miss KJ


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    Why can’t Stidham get rid of the ball?


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      Because he doesn’t understand what his job is, and has less talent than your average snail.

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    It is almost amazing that Auburn is still in this game


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    Is it too late to return defective merchandise to Baylor?

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      79 pass yards doesn’t look good. But he also has no protection


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    This defense is fun to watch.


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    Well, you can’t throw the ball from your back. Offense line needs some adjustment


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    That’ll do it.

    Auburn goes down because they couldn’t make touchdowns.


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    Our offense is an embarrassment to the game of football. I’m disgusted by the trash we recruited.

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      It was a frustrating night against a really good defense. These are good players that need to gel


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