The frustrated Auburn student report

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Well the plan this week was for me to come on here and instead of writing a preview for the game I would write afterwards.  Here I am, frustrated as can be, flustered just like every other Auburn fan.  The blame is not on one player, nor on one coach but a combination of them all and that is frustrating as all get out. This game was a game that I went into with the mindset of ” we will probably still struggle but no way can we lose this.” Boy was I wrong and I have been positive to the fullest till now and things are going to have to change on that offense.

Speaking of the offense, you know they started the game with something that gave me hope. Then the offense just disappeared into the wind.  It is just mind boggling that the offense can be this inconsistent with this talent. It has left me baffled and infuriated. The play calling has not even been bad in my opinion. The amount of times that the offensive line fails to execute the play, or gets no push on a run play, or even picking up simple blitz’s infuriates me. Never this year have I yet said to bench Stidham, I have stood by his side for as long as I could but I think i’m to the edge. Stidham made too many mistakes today, and while not all were his fault, the two interceptions and fumble were. Today was the first time that I wanted to see if Malik could do any better. Maybe with a struggling O line a more mobile QB would help you know, because right now Stidham is having to escape more then he should have to. We can sit here and point fingers but in the end it is the offense as a whole that is the problem and they are not executing nor performing at the  level that they should.

As for the defense, well the run defense was amazing but the pass defense from our DBs and CBs was mediocre. I have never seen so many broken plays in the secondary out of this defense in a long time. Granted they had to be out there non stop but that just comes back to the offense needing to step up their game. The defense can not be expected to be out their the entire game, they will get tired, any defense would get tired.

I sit here trying my hardest to calm down from the anger that this game put me through. In the end I still love Auburn and can only hope for the best. Things will have to change but I believe in Auburn always. War Eagle