The First Look – Texas A&M

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The bye week is finally over, and it was nice to sit back and watch all the other teams play without having the fear of a loss. Auburn did well to run over the Hogs and look good while doing it.

Now we shift to the enigma that is Texas A&M. Who knows what to expect from them, year in and year out. They started this season as a team that was forgotten by most and looked to maybe make a bowl game. Especially after week 1, their normal November collapse came in the second half against UCLA. Here are the highlights of that game:

Since then, Texas A&M went 5-1 including 3 conference wins (ARK, USC, and FLA) and a loss to Alabama. Then Mississippi State went to College Station and throttled the Aggies 35-14.

Now, comes November in the SEC, which isn’t too kind to the Aggies. Since the Aggies joined the SEC in 2012, they are a combined 6-9 in the conference in November, as well as 3-5 at home in November. Against the SEC West at home in November, Texas A&M is 3-4 since 2012 with their last home SEC west win coming in 2013 against Mississippi State.

TLDR: November home SEC West games aren’t fun for Texas A&M.

Texas A&M is ranked 56th in Scoring Offense with 29.9 PPG. Advantage Auburn (25th, 36.3 PPG). The Aggies also rank 102nd in YPP with 5.21. Advantage Auburn (27th, 6.44 YPP). Texas A&M has a true freshman QB that was chosen over Jarrett Stidham. I wonder if Stidham has had this game circled???

The only strong threat that A&M has is their receivers. They have always had great receivers. If Auburn’s d-line can create pressure and contain Mond, the receivers will be taken out of the game.

Texas A&M is giving up 27.4 PPG which lands them at number 77 nationally. Advantage Auburn (9th, 15.6 PPG). The Aggies rank 59th in YPP given up. Advantage Auburn (7th, 4.35)

The Aggies defensive line isn’t what it used to be. The defense hasn’t been good in general.

@AuburnEinstein’s PREDICTION
You can see where I’m going with this. Auburn’s offense should move the ball against the Aggies. Auburn’s defense should be able to hold the Aggies. Auburn is going to win this game. If the above hasn’t convinced you, then you’re a dolt. Auburn wins this one 52-17. This will be the third time Auburn has scored 50+ points on the road in the SEC.