The First Look – Ole Miss

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I’m super excited that Auburn is sitting at 4-1 (2-0). Although, I still feel that Auburn hasn’t reached their potential. The defense is playing out of their minds. However, the offense (primarily the run game) hasn’t taken off as I’d hoped. Something about it just seems…off. I trust the coaches are still working on continuous improvement.

Since 2000, Auburn is 13-4 (6-2 at JHS) against Ole Miss scoring 28.8 PPG and allowing 22 PPG. QB play has been great against the rebels as Auburn QBs have averaged 199.47 YPG with 17 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. Of all the success that Auburn QBs have had against the Ole Miss defense, none have done better than Clint Moseley in 2011 as he passed for 160 yards and 4 TDs and finished with a QBR of 257.6

Ole Miss’ scoring offense is ranked 77th scoring 27.8 PPG. However, the Rebels have only scored 19 points in their 2 games against P5 schools. Auburn will have to keep the big plays to a minimum and provide pressure to break up the passing game. Look for a big game from Jeff Holland. I’ve said that just about every game, and he has responded in each of them.

In terms of total offense, Ole Miss is ranked 48th with 435.8 YPG and 16th in YPP with 6.89. Ole Miss is moving the ball, at least they had been until they played Alabama and the historic(ally bad) California defense.

This is where things fall apart for Ole Miss. The Rebels are ranked 112th with 35.8 PPG allowed. Ole Miss is ranked 101st in total defense, allowing 430 YPG and ranked 92nd in yards per play with 5.89 YPP. This is where Auburn can take advantage. Auburn has moved the ball well since the Clemson game averaging over 500 yards per game against Mercer, Missouri, and Mississippi State.

@AuburnEinstein’s PREDICTION
It seems to be a 3-horse race in the SEC. There are a few teams that can have a good season, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and Arkansas if they can figure out what they want to do). Ole Miss isn’t one of these teams. Auburn will continue to find success on offense and terrorize people on defense. Auburn wins this one big 56-10.