The First Look – Mercer

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Auburn looks to put a rough night in “Death Valley” behind them. I assure you that nothing will come of your stewing over the loss to Clemson. The team has moved on and you should, too.

Luckily, Auburn plays Mercer this weekend. This should the game for the offense to get back on track. I’m looking for a big game from all involved. A bit of redemption. Some players **cough Jarrett Stidham cough** will be playing with a chip on their shoulders. Auburn has typically played well against teams from the FCS, also VERY well against Mercer. Let’s get into it.


  • Auburn has played Mercer 11 times.
  • This will be the first time that Auburn has played Mercer since 1922.
  • Auburn is 11-0 against Mercer outscoring them 506-11.
  • in 1916 Auburn beat Mercer 92-0.
  • Auburn has held Mercer to 0 points 9 times.
  • Since 2000, Auburn is 14-0 against FCS teams
  • Auburn’s offense is averaging 46 PPG (44 with Malzahn as HC) against FCS teams since 2000
  • Auburn’s defense is averaging 11 PPG (8 with Malzahn as HC) against FCS teams since 2000

Offense – That’s it really. I just want to see some offense. I want the kinks worked out.

Defense – I want to see a shutout. I don’t want them to cross the 40 yard-line (because LSU didn’t let BYU cross the 50 and apparently that’s impressive).

@AuburnEinstein PREDICTION: Last week my prediction was a little off. I expected more, as did everyone else. The defense did better than I thought, but the offense let me down. I look for the offense to get on track and to blow the doors off the Mercer Bears. Auburn wins this 56-0 with 450 yards and 5 TDs from Jarrett Stidham. Drink the Kool-aid with me, my friends.