The First Look – LSU

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Auburn has shown much improvement since their trip to the real Death Valley in Clemson. The defense hasn’t blinked and the offense (when they’re not turning the ball over) have look very efficient. Auburn has blown out 3 straight SEC opponents by an average of 32 points. The end of the game last week wasn’t ideal. Admittedly, I was holding onto the “Auburn hasn’t let an opponent score more than 14 points all season” a little too tight. None the less, Auburn enters LSU week ranked 10th. When they take the field on Saturday, Auburn will field a top-10 team for the 5th consecutive year which is really cool.

Of the 51 total meetings between the two rivals, LSU holds the series lead at 28-22-1. Since 2000, LSU is leading the series 10-7. In the rivalry, LSU is averaging 22 PPG and Auburn is averaging 19 PPG since 2000. Auburn QBs are averaging 167.7 YPG and completing 53.25% of passes (Auburn is 5-2 in the series since 2000 when completing about 60% of passes). Auburn also has 15 TDs and 12 INTs against LSU since 2000. Auburn RBs are averaging 85 YPG with 4.4 YPA and have 14 TDs vs LSU since 2000.

LSU has struggled to score the ball this year. Those Tigers rank 90th in the country with 25.3 PPG but are only scoring 14.75 PPG against Power 5 schools (if you include the BYU game, I didn’t, then LSU is scoring 21.5 PPG). In terms of Total Offense, LSU is averaging 397.7 YPG (ranked 78th) and 6.23 YPP (ranked 38th).

LSU’s line protects well, only giving up 1.3 sacks per game (ranked 29th). Also, LSU is only averaging 5 TFL per game (ranked 33rd). For Auburn to win this game, they will need to provide pressure to Etling and force him into mistakes.

LSU’s defense is still very tough. They are giving up 18.8 PPG (Ranked 26th). LSU is giving up 308.8 YPG (ranked 18th) and giving up 4.95 YPP (ranked 32nd).

LSU’s defensive line offensive line is always good, they’ve racked up 3.3 sacks per game (ranked 11th) so far this season. Tackles for loss is another story, LSU is only averaging 5.33 TFL per game. Auburn’s line will have to continue to protect Stidham and allow him to make good decisions. If Stidham can get in a rhythm early, Auburn’s chances to win will increase.

@AuburnEinstein’s PREDICTION
LSU is averaging 12 PPG in SEC play. Mississippi State’s defense held LSU to 7 points, while Auburn scored over 40 against the same defense. LSU beat a miserable Florida because of a missed extra point. I just don’t see that as that great of a win. The only thing LSU has going for them is that they have the talent to play with anyone. However, I don’t think that this coaching staff at LSU is good enough to lead these players to victory. @AuburnOvertime said it best:

I agree this is a SHOULD win. Auburn should go in and blow the doors off of LSU like they did in 2014. Auburn will go up early in this one and maintain a lead. Auburn will walk away at the end of the day winners by a score of 35-17.