The Clock is Ticking

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I am sure we all know certain fans who have hit the panic button and others who are optimistic for the rest of the season. I fall in between the two extremes and recognize it is not time to scrap the whole season, but it is not time to ignore the obvious. As we continue into Malzhan’s 5th year, there is much to be learned from the first 2 games of the season. First, this might be one of the most talented defenses in Auburn history and this is a positive because they will keep us in every game this year. Secondly, the same offensive struggles have plagued this team so far as they did in 2015 and 2016. What we need to address is that, yes there is time to improve and make changes, but these struggles have made Malzhan’s clock start to wind down. If we have offensive letdowns against LSU, UGA, and Bama then Malzhan is as good as gone. Yes I know that 2013 was a miraculous year, but without a lucky tipped ball and one of the greatest plays of all time we end up 9-3 and with two straight losses to end the season. We all know what happened in 2014 with the defense letting just about everyone score all over it in the second half of the season. Since 2014, Malzhan has been a mediocre coach that has not shown the ability to develop players. Unless this season has a major turnaround then it looks like the Gus Bus has officially run out of gas.