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In this post the focus is on RBs from 2000-2009 who separated themselves from others at the positions. Each player must have a minimum of 75 rushes to be considered for this list. Each player’s starts are combined and ranked in 6 areas. The top performaing player in each area gets 11 points, the second top performing player gets 10, and so on for a maximum score of 66 and a minimum score of 6. The areas each player is being ranked in are: Yards, Touchdowns, First Team All-American status, Win percentage, Win percentage vs Rivals (LSU, Georgia, and Alabama), and 150 rushing yard games.

10. Onterio McCalebb (2009) – 19 points

9. Casinious Moore (2001) – 20 points

8. Mario Fannin (2007) – 26 points

7. Tre Smith (2002) – 27 points

6. Brad Lester (2006-2008) – 29 points

5. Ben Tate (2007-2009) – 33 points

4. Rudi Johnson (2000) – 43 points

3. Kenny Irons (2005-2006) – 45 points
Thinking back on this decade of running backs, Irons isn’t the first that comes to mind. However, his statistics were as solid of any running back in the time period. With 2,186 yards and 17 touchdowns, he more than filled the void of losing Brown and Williams.

2. Ronnie Brown (2001-2004) – 47 points
Ronnie Brown could have started at any school in the country during his time on the plains. He finished with 2,697 yards and 28 touchdowns. In this list, Brown didn’t finish lower than 3rd in any category.

1. Carnell Williams (2001-2004) – 63 points
“Cadillac” took first place in all categories except Win % vs rivals. The biggest separator was the fact that Williams was a First Team All-American in 2004. In his career, Williams rushed for 3,831 yards and 45 touchdowns. Not to take anything away from what Cadillac and Ronnie Brown did together, because that was the most fun tandem to watch, but how good could either of them have been if they were the solo feature back?

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