The Best Auburn QB from 2000-2009

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This is the first of, hopefully, many in a series about the best position players that have come through Auburn. The plan for now is to start with the most current completed decade and go backwards. I will have separate posts for each position and then combine all players for a “Best of…” look at all the best players for each decade. I would really like feedback on what is working and what isn’t working, things you’d like to see or not see. As of now I have plans for QB, Rushing, Receiving, Defensive, Return, and Kicking.

In this post the focus is on QBs from 2000-2009 who separated themselves from others at the position. Each player must have a minimum of 150 passes to be considered for the list, this to weed out other players who had passes in different “trick play” situations. Each player’s stats are combined and ranked in 10 different areas. The top performing player in each area gets 6 points, the second top performing player gets 5, and so on for a maximum score of 60 and a minimum score of 10. The areas each player are being ranked in are: Completion percentage, Total yards, Touchdowns, Interceptions, QB Rating, Post-season awards, First Team All-American status, Overall Win percentage, Win percentage vs Rivals (LSU, Georgia, and Alabama) and games with 250 passing yards.


5. Kodi Burns (2007-2008) – 17 points

4 (tie). Daniel Cobb (2000-2002) – 28 points

4 (tie). Chris Todd (2008-2009) – 28 points

3. Ben Leard (2000) Р33 points
Leard was only had 1 season of eligibility for this list and he made the most of it. Leard gained most of his points in Completion percentage (60.5%), Interceptions (10), Win percentage (69.23%), Win percentage vs Rivals (100%), and 250 yard games (4). Leard also had 2,100 yards and 12 touchdowns with a QBR of 123.5. He also lead Auburn to a 9-4 record in 2000. Should Leard have had his season in the 90’s count, he may have been second on this list.

2. Brandon Cox (2004-2007) – 37 points
Brandon Cox is the very definition of a “Game Manager”. He ranked in the top 3 of seven of the ten categories taken into account. Cox had the best overall win percentage (76.32%) of all the QBs ranked which was helped out by a 11-2 2006 season. In his career, Cox threw for 6,602 yards and 38 touchdowns. However, he is probably best remembered for his 30 interceptions. Brandon Cox also had a 5-4 record against rivals including 3-0 against Alabama. He was also tied for second on the list with four 250 yard games.

1. Jason Campbell (2001-2004) – 45 points
Who else? Jason Campbell was ranked first outright in five of the ten categories and took second in another two categories. While he wasn’t a first team all-american, Campbell did win MVP of the Southeastern Conference. He threw for 7,299 yards and 45 touchdowns with a QBR of 146.78, all while having a 72.55% overall win percentage. He was also tied for 2nd with Brandon Cox for 250 yard games with 4.

Most Interesting Stat
Chris Todd had the most 250 yard games with 5.

Most Disappointing Stat
No first team All-Americans. Also, disappointing performance against rivals as a whole (Auburn won 15 of 30 against LSU, Georgia, and Alabama). Yes, the streak with Alabama happened this decade, but I HATE GEORGIA SO MUCH.

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