The Arkansas State Review: Much, Much Better

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    My expectations for the game were probably a little conservative. I wrote in my game preview that although Arkansas State may have had revenge on their minds, they were still a Sun Belt team. Still, I thought this would be a tougher game than Washington State. It wasn’t.

    They say the biggest improvement a team will make is between Week 1 and Week 2. We haven’t seen the rest of the season yet, but we can definitely say there was vast improvement from last week.

    This defense seems to get better as the game goes along, which is very encouraging. What was even more impressive is that they got better and faster against an offense that is designed to wear you down. They basically shutdown an SEC-caliber running back and rushed the quarterback into making bad decisions.

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    The fact that this defense is consistently making tackles in space (especially the DBs) should make every Auburn fan ecstatic. We know given Gus’s track record that the offense will at least give us a chance in most any game. If the defense can continue to improve and not let what should be 5 yard screens turn into 40 yard game breakers (a common occurrence the past two years) Auburn has a legitimate chance to win 9-10 games. Love the Barn, btw. Here’s hoping that it grows into the best forum for Auburn fans.

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