Texas A&M Postgame Quotes – Malzahn and Players

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On the win…
“Big win for our program. Texas A&M is one of the top teams in the country on their home field. We challenged our players to improve each week, and they have done that. We’ve been working on getting our edge back, and we are getting closer. This was a big win for our program tonight. Our plan was to be in the game at halftime and wear them out in the second half. I think for the most part it worked. We are learning something about our team each week. We answered this test. We were curious how we were going to respond on the road, and we did better than when we played at LSU. It was a challenge for our defense giving the ball back to Manziel with one minute left in the game, but we found a way to get it done. We played without a lot of our guys, and everyone stepped up and raised their level. I like our team.”

On what changed in the second half…
“We missed a couple opportunities in the passing game in the first half. Coach told us we were going to win the game in the second half. The second half we showed everyone we are a good team. The offensive line was great. They got every block they were supposed to get. After my dropped pass, I knew I had to turn around and have a big play.”

On the win…
“My knee felt good all week. The trainers worked on it all week. Our team is going back to the top. We are just now getting our edge back. On the last drive we went out there and executed. We knew we were going to be the more conditioned team in the second half, and it showed. This win is about confidence. We’re going to take one game at a time and keep moving forward.”

On his emotions after the game…
“This is a great win for my team. I was a little emotional after the game. I was happy the whole time; those were tears of happiness. This was a statement game. The statement that we want to put across is that we are coming. We are getting better from here on out. You have to believe to achieve. We did that and came out with the win tonight.”

Quotes provided by Auburn Athletics.