Should Auburn Have Kept White's Injury Secret?

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I’ve heard a good few fans grumbling about Sean White’s injury being kept under wraps until kickoff, and that made me wonder if Auburn should have announced the injury in some way during the week. I get that we don’t want to give the other team any game plan info and that Auburn doesn’t need to release medical info because the fans want it, but stick with me. Would have announcing that White was sitting out practice have changed Vandy’s approach to the game in a way that helps Auburn? I think it makes them prepare for two very different quarterback styles, and I think that gives us an edge. I mean, they only have so many hours of practice and film work each week, and splitting that time could easily lead to mistakes that turn in to big plays for us. I think if I’m Gus, and let them know that White isn’t practicing, but don’t announce why.