2014 Season Predictions

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I thought it’d be nice to get a prediction thread going.  While I really hope we can make a run and not lose game this year, the tough schedule is a huge hurdle. It is likely we could still make the championship game with one loss, so it’s not that worrying.  I’ve noticed that many fans seem to be a bit overconfident, thinking we are just going to roll out there and kill everyone.  Crazy things happen, we’ve already been bitten by the injury bug, and the season has yet to start.

Beyond just the regular season, there is the playoff to contend with as well.  The team’s mantra has been “13 seconds better’ but in reality they need to be 60 minutes and 13 seconds better, as there is one more game between us an our 2nd title in 5 season.

All that being said, I think we can get it done.  I said last year our performance against LSU would tell a lot about us and it did.  I predicted we could do big things depending on our performance in that game, and we did.  There are several more of those milestones this season that I think will be good barometers of where we are.  It’s hard to shake off many of the old feelings we have as fans that have been ingrained in our psyche over the years. Gus wiped a lot of that away last year.  If he can continue to defy previous trends we will be A-OK.  It’s just hard to forget ’03, bad Thursday night performances(though we usually come out on top), Arkansas games at home (I’ve never been in J-HS for a win), and the whole “we are better as an underdog”(we won’t be an underdog for long this season if we keep winning).

Arkansas: W

I have little fear of the hogs, especially this early.  I don’t think we’ll have as many kinks to work out, and Gus is about 10x the coach the Bielema is.

San Jose St: W

Should be a cruiser here. Just keep everyone healthy.

K-State: W

Tentatively calling this a win. I know a lot of Auburn fans are super cocky about this one. I am not. Bill Snyder is still a heck of a coach and this team should be better than last year where they gave OU run for their money a month before OU dismantled UAT in the Sugar Bowl.   It’s a Thursday at their place. Their fans will be amped up.  It is a mistake to overlook this team.  Auburn will have their work cut out for them.

La Tech: W

Homecoming is really early, and will be really hot. Should put on a show for the alumni returning home.


Like the good Blogle, I’m not that worried about this game.  We tend to take care of business at home against these guys. This running back that is supposed to be the greatest running back to ever play the game is probably something to watch for.  We didn’t have so much success against their run game last year.  The QB didn’t look back last year when injury forced him to play late.  It could be challenging, as LSU always is.  Of all the games though, I think it will be very important for players and coaches to get this win. Circled on the calendar, if you will.


This will be a much tougher test than many think.  MSU is actually the most experienced team as far as returning starters.  Prescott looked pretty good as the season went on.  It’s at their place, a terrible place to play (or visit).  This could end up being the second toughest SEC West test Auburn has as I think MSU could finish as high as 3rd (more likely 4th) in the SEC West.


I am very close to calling this a loss. Yes they haven’t beaten us since like the 1930s, but there is this thing called the law of averages that tells me that can’t last forever (as long as they have a good coach and decent talent).  New QB and new RB might seem like it would hurt the Cocks, but they’ve only gotten better with each transition on Spurrier.  I believe that the USCe will win the East, with their only loss (hopefully) coming to us.  This being at home helps tremendously. I think they give is a scare, much like 2010.

Ole Miss: W

Hugh Freeze is Gus Malzahn light.  I don’t expect him to EVER beat Gus head to head. Might be a close one for a while, but AU should pull away.


Another relatively easy win.  The Aggies will take a large step back this year.  Sure they could have another Johnny Manziel just waiting in the wings, but I won’t believe it till I see it. Their defense is awful and I don’t see that improving. This game may become payback for that violent thrashing we endured in 2012.


We go to Athens and win for the first time in forever. The road to rebuilding our edge in the rivalry. I couldn’t have been more happy when they hired Jeremy Pruitt from FSU.  He’s a buffoon. Gus is going to make him hurt.


We don’t have much trouble winning in BDS.  This year will be no exception.  Close game, as no one ever seem to run away with this one unless the other teams is really, really bad.


Rematch again.  And again Gus will have worked out all the answers.  IF we were to lose to the Spurriers earlier in the season, this rematch will prove we belong in the playoff (as if they’d keep the SEC Champ out?)

I have no idea who’s going to make these playoff so I can’t make any predictions.  I’d like to assume we’ll cruise on through, but there are no guarantees.  If we win this thing, as things looks now, we’ll have probably played the hardest schedule of any champion ever.  That’s what puts doubt in my mind.  But judging from last year, if anyone can do it, it’s these coaches and players.  They have unfinished business.

War Eagle!