Sean White QB Comparison

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In watching the Ole Miss game this past weekend, my girlfriend made a very interesting assessment of Sean White. She pointed out that Sean reminded her a lot of Chiefs QB Alex Smith. Both are accurate passers in short yardage situations in addition to being surprisingly mobile. While Smith is about three inches taller and often more grounded in the pocket on his release, the two have successfully managed spread option offenses (Alex’s coach at Utah was Urban Meyer) and have put up similar stats this year thus far. Smith has thrown for 1638 yards with a 66% completion rate for a QB Rating of 94.3 while White has 1511 yds. with a 68% completion rate for a higher QB rating of 159. While this is certainly a first blush comparison, I believe that closer inspection will reveal some merit to my argument. I would be interested to hear which quarterback Sean bears a resemblance to in your mind.