Rugby Player Discovers Bo Jackson

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Bo Jackson is the greatest athlete in sports history. This isn’t up for debate. We all remember where we were when we first discovered Bo Jackson. Be it in the stands at Legion Field when he went “over the top.” Be it watching him run over Brian Bosworth in Seattle or breaking a bat over his head in Kansas City. Bo changed the world. YouTuber Jacob McDonald posted a video a couple of weeks ago reacting to some of Bo’s greatest moments in his Professional career. He doesn’t technically mention Auburn in this video, but judging from this video he’s from Austrailia and Arryn Siposs hasn’t punted his way into Auburn Lore yet.

Take a look at Jacob’s reaction to discovering Bo Jackson for the first time. He does use some language unbecoming of the Blogle brand, but it’s understandable because he’s watching Bo Jackson for the first time.

TRIGGER WARNING: Bo’s hip injury is in this video.