Random thought re: special teams

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When Jay Boulware was let go, I was worried. Special teams were the one unit that stayed mostly consistent in the Chizik era, despite the lack of production on punt returns.

I was relieved when Bisaccia was hired, but then got worried again when he bounced.

Enter Scott Fountain. When that news broke, I have to admit to my response being: “Who?” Yes, he was right there all along, but I don’t think many AU fans were super familiar with his resume.

Well, our special teams have actually improved when you take our punt return situation into account. I don’t know how much of it is Fountain vs how much of it is just having 2 really good kickers, but I’m very pleased that we have not regressed in this area (and some have made the point that our special teams might have even won 2 of our games for us so far this season). Either way, War Damn Scott Fountain.