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Simply put:

Sean White has no big play capability. We saw that last season and it has proven true again against Clemson. He’s a game-manager and would fit in perfectly at the University of Alabama.

JJ needs to ride the bench the rest of his career at Auburn. Period.

JF5 was the only one (besides a last-ditch drive to end the game by Sean) that moved the ball consistently and he was only in for 6 plays. It seems like a no-brainer until proven otherwise that JF5 should be the starter and should be taking every snap. We don’t need a game manager – we need a big time playmaker like many of Baylor’s QBs. Sean White misses balls all over the field and throws picks – the fear seems to be that JF5 will do the same thing. Well, if our QB is going to throw picks and miss balls all over the place why not put in one that can at least make something happen with his feet?

We are going to be doomed if JF5 doesn’t take the reigns right now.