Potential Upsets to Watch for on Thursday

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We all know productivity will be down at work tomorrow. While you’ll already be watching games, I suggest you keep your eyes on these potential upsets:

12 Princeton vs 5 Notre Dame (11:15 CBS)

Princeton allows 61.6 PPG and forces 10.1 turnovers again. Notre Dame isn’t very deep as they 4 real scorers and not much else.

12 UNCW vs 5 Virginia (11:40 TruTV)

virginia has the best defense in the tournament, but UNCW averages 85.2 PPG. If UNCW can make shots and get their confidence up early, they can become a handful for the cavaliers.

12 Nevada vs 5 Iowa State (8:57 TruTV)

Nevada is a very good Offensive team, averaging 80 ppg. Iowa State has a suspect Defense, giving up 72 ppg. Also, Nevada is very good at rebounds and forcing turnovers.

I realize these are all 5-12 matchups; however, those are always the most intriguing matchups.

Happy March Madness.