Offensive Line Play

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In a league that is won at the line, it is obvious to say that the success of the offense is derived from how well the line plays. Lines that don’t allow sacks and that don’t let the ball carriers be tackled for a loss allow the whole offense to be opened up.

in 2016 auburn allowed 1.46 sacks per game (27th) and 5.62 TFL per game (57th). In 2014, Auburn allowed 1.15 sacks per game (17th) and 5.69 TFL per game (59th). The similarity in these 2 season are striking. Both were teams that we ranked in the top 10 late in the season then had a bit of a falling off in November.

This offense is most successful when they can sustain long drives by executing on third and short situations. Both the 2016 and 2014 teams did not do a great job on helping create third and short situations. this is evident by being ranked in the upper 50’s in the national at allowing tackles for loss.

In 2013, Auburn allowed 1.29 sacks (23rd) and 4.64 TFL (22nd) per game. By Auburn allowing less than 5 TFLs per game, the offense was allowed to run wild.

It doesn’t matter who is throwing the ball or who is running the ball so long as the line will protect them. I feel confident that the 2017 offensive line will succeed in both categories. There is a ton of experience as well as depth.

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