More on the softball arrests/suspensions…

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As you know by now, three Auburn softball players were arrested for marijuana possession last week. The three have been indefinitely suspended by the coaching staff, and according to Clint Myers are working their way back on to the playing field.

A source close to the situation has confirmed that on the morning of April 20th, the Athletic Department required the three players to take a drug test. Multiple sources have confirmed that one of the three, Haley Fagan, tested negative for marijuana or any illegal drug for that matter. I do not have knowledge of the results for Makayla Martin and Brittany Maresette.

UPDATE: I have obtained permission to post Fagan’s drug test lab report showing negative for all illegal drugs.

A few moments ago, the three players tweeted out apologies.

I would expect to see one or all of them on the field at some point this weekend (hosting Mississippi State), and definitely by next weekend (at Alabama).