A note on Kalvaraz Bessent’s recent tweet (UPDATE)

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**Update (4:35 pm): according to a few tweets, all charges have been dropped for Bessent…

So maybe that’s why Bessent is so sure he’ll be at Auburn. If true, there’s still a decision to be made by Auburn. Although, being caught with a drug dealer is a lot different than dealing drugs. I guess.

Just a few minutes ago, recently arrested Auburn signee Kalvaraz Bessent tweeted this:

I have confirmed with a source that Auburn has not spoken to Bessent recently and nothing has changed. The thought is that they are waiting on the legal process to run its course. So, while Bessent may be confident that he is innocent, that’s all this tweet seems to be based on. Nothing has changed as of right now.

Right after his arrest he tweeted this:

This leads me to believe that today’s tweet is just a continuation of his confidence that he is innocent.

Again, nothing has changed from the Auburn side, regardless of what today’s tweet might suggest.