Impressions so far

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Look forward to your impressions so far.

These are some of mine:

Our tackling is 1000% better. Since Chizik arrived and probably even 2008 (tried to forget that year), our tackling has been pathetic. Not sure how you get a $100K scholarship and you can’t tackle.

Not sure where people get that Nick Marshall can’t throw. He’s got a little hyped up a couple times. But dude has a cannon. We don’t need a Cam Newton to win (see Chris Todd, etc). Just need a guy not to lose. After Mississippi State, I think many more will know who Nick Marshall is.

We have a lot of playmakers. It’s obvious, the cupboard wasn’t bare.

We are going to be very good on defense again, very soon. Ellis Johnson is everything we thought he wasn.

We have a very good coaching staff. No unfixable, glaring weaknesses through 2 games. I guarantee Mississippi State is more worried about losing to Auburn than the other way around. They lose to us, and they are again (well, were they ever not) the laughing stock of the West.