Georgia Southern's Triple Option vs Power 5 Teams

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Since 2010, Georgia Southern has played 10 Power 5 teams with a record of 1-9 (lol Florida)

Georgia Southern has always given Power 5 teams nightmares defending the triple option. The Eagles always seem to move the ball well, get first downs, and put up more points than any fan base is comfortable with. So just how dominant was Auburn’s defense against the Eagles last night? Let’s let the numbers answer that question.

Auburn gave up 78 total yards (8 passing, 70 rushing). Georgia Southern has averaged 360.1 total yards per game with 4 times gaining over 400 yards (401 – Ole Miss 2016, 429 – Florida 2013, 438 – NC State 2014, 528 – Georgia Tech 2014). The 78 total yards gained last night was 78.3% below their average against Power 5 teams. Alabama and THE BEST DEFENSE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL gave up 341 yards in 2011.

Auburn only gave up 70 rushing yards against Georgia Southern. This is the first time in 10 games against power 5 teams that Georgia Southern (269.3 rushing yards per game average) was held under 150 rushing yards and only the third time that Georgia southern was held under 230 rushing yards in the game (167 – Georgia Tech 2016, 195 – West Virginia 2015). Alabama and THE BEST DEFENSE EVER IN THE HISTORY OF FOOTBALL gave up 302 rushing yards in 2011.

Power 5 teams have done better against the pass than they have against the run against Georgia Southern. The Eagles only averaged 96.3 yards per game passing (Auburn only gave up 8). It was the second time that Georgia Southern gained less than 10 passing yards (0 passing yards in a win against Florida in 2013). This can be answered because Georgia Southern doesn’t pass the ball that often. In 5 of the 10 games against Power 5 teams they had more than 10 pass attempts. The eagles had 9 on saturday against Auburn.

Auburn’s defense gave up 8 first downs (of note, Georgia Southern was 0-15 on third down) while the other 9 teams gave up an average of 17.7 first downs. Georgia Southern’s offense was shut out against Auburn (that stupid blindside hit on Stidham lead to a scoop and score). Georgia Southern has average 21.1 points per game.

All in all, it was a great effort. Don’t let anyone say that “Auburn ain’t played nobody” because fact of the matter is, Georgia Southern plays consistently better against Power 5 teams than some of the teams in Power 5 conferences. Auburn played a full game on defense. It is hard to hold a team to under 100 total yards and no third down conversions. Auburn did this against a team that historically moves the football.