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Is Rudy Ford exposing Auburn’s defense? After leading the team in tackles last season, Rudy Ford is on pace to accomplish the feat once again. While the individual numbers look great for his stat line, it points to a glaring issue in terms of Auburn’s defensive play. Because the team has no threat from consistently running press coverage. Due to injury and underperformance along with the defensive line the team is forced to play zone more times than not. When your defensive tackle is continuously getting double teamed it leaves out to dry an already exploited linebacking corp. Poor linebacker play mixed with inefficiencies along the line lead to your safety being the leading tackler. While those things have helped lead to the team’s defensive struggles, the main culprit is depth, in particularity on the defensive line. If a team is going to run the HUNH the first thing it must address on the defensive side of the ball is making sure you have lots of bodies to rotate along the defensive line. That’s what made Auburn successful in 2012 2010 and 2013, and the lack of depth is why Rudy Ford is the team’s current leader in tackles.