Following Championship Game Appearance, 2014 Auburn Tickets Suggest Berth In Playoffs

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In 2012, the Auburn Tigers football program finished at the absolute bottom of the SEC with an 0-8 record in conference play. Only the hapless Kentucky Wildcats, in football anyway, finished with as bad of a conference record. Things turned around in a big way for the Tigers last season. Not only did Auburn win a game in the SEC, they won the conference after beating Alabama and Missouri in consecutive weeks. That earned them a trip to the National Championship Game that they ultimately lost to Florida State.

It’s no shock then that expectations for Auburn are through the roof this season. They currently rank fifth in the nation in USA Today’s preseason poll, and the increased expectations has led to higher ticket prices. TeamTix is once again allowing fans to pay a fee to reserve face value championship game tickets. The price of the tickets are largely based on a team’s likelihood of making the postseason, and the cheapest available ticket for Auburn is the third most expensive in the nation.

Currently prices for Auburn football tickets will cost at least $95, which trails only Alabama and Florida State, the two top ranked teams in the nation this year. That is an increase of 375 percent from the reserve price last season when Auburn postseason tickets cost only $20. That increase is by far the largest in the entire nation.

The only other team in the nation that comes close to that kind of price increase is for Florida State, who had a similar surprise rise to power last season as Auburn. They were also the team that finished the year with the national title, and return the majority of that team intact this season. But even then Florida State football tickets only increased 193 percent, which is still way less than the increase Auburn has seen so far.

Most teams have actually had the reserve price drop from last season. Even Alabama, which has the highest ticket price of any team in the nation, had its reserve ticket price drop 39 percent this year. That’s because while in past years only two teams were chosen to play a game for the national title, this year college football is instituting a playoff. This means four teams will get a chance to win the title in a single-elimination tournament. It’s just another hurdle teams have to cross to win the ultimate prize.

Auburn dazzled last season with a strong defense and dominant running game. While the team lost star running back Tre Mason, they are expected to display a revamped passing game. If the running game can remain anywhere near as good as it was last season the Tigers could have one of the most dominant offenses in all of college football.

Auburn made a huge jump going from one of the worst teams in the SEC to one of the best in the nation. Now there are big expectations surrounding the games on the Auburn football schedule, something seen in the national rankings and with ticket prices. Auburn saw the largest increase in face value postseason tickets, leading them to have the third most expensive tickets in the nation.