ESPN – Bilas Index – Top 68 Teams in College Basketball

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“The Bilas Index is the apotheosis of basketball judgment and achievement in the known universe. It takes into account every relevant factor in the game, from observation, film study and analysis, and applies every reliable metric, fact, and judgment to the product on the floor sorted out by the most powerful tool of basketball analysis known to man, The Bilastrator’s high-functioning gray matter. So, as football fans continue to turn red arguing over the nonsensical standards of the game…”

Jay Bilas at ESPN ranked the top 68 teams for the first time this season. He has Auburn ranked at 47th and has this to say about them:

“This is a good offensive rebounding team, lead by Desean Murray, who is among the better offensive rebounders in the country.”

I wish Bilas would have gone into more detail about the Tigers, but it’s nice to see that they’re getting love without Wiley and Purifoy on the floor.